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Testing OmniStream in a Local Browser

Installation and Running

The local streaming tools package is delivered using ZLManager.

  1. Get a License Key from your account manager
  2. Download and install ZLManager (download link can be found with license key)
  3. Go to http://localhost/zlm/compositions
  4. Enter the license key in ZLManager Enter Key
  5. Run the downloaded composition Run Composition
  6. Run your application with the Unity or Unreal plugin (for Unreal you must be running in Standalone Game mode from the editor)
  7. Open the test pageTest Page
  8. Select "Local" from the "Connection Type:" dropdown and enter the ip address of the machine on the local network that is running your application and the composition in ZLManager. Usually the ip address for debugging will be "localhost", but you can enter the IP address of another machine on the local network here.
  9. To use your own webpage modify the settings below in your connection settings

When testing a connection using the Editor, window resize requests are not respected (due to restrictions in the respective editors). When the application is built it will automatically resize to the resolution requested by the browser.

Direct Connection Settings

const cloudstreamSettings = {
directConnection: true,
cloudConnectionParameters: {
customer: "omnistream",
renderService: "yourservicename",
streamingMode: "video",
parent: "streamContainer",