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OmniStream is ZeroLight's enterprise cloud streaming product. To get in touch with us to find out more about getting started with OmniStream, contact your ZeroLight Account Executive if you have one, or reach out to us here.

Getting Started

  1. First you need to setup the OmniStream toolkit.

  2. Once you've downloaded the toolkit, follow the instructions for your application:

    If you're developing an XR application, then at this point follow the additional steps in the CloudXR Guide

  3. Test OmniStream is working with your application before uploading using the local debugging tools.

  4. Next you're ready to upload your OmniStream application.

  5. Test your application using the test page.

  6. Finally you can send a direct link or iframe the stream into your own web page using the OmniStream Embedded App, or for more advanced features do a native JavaScript integration.