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Plugin Download & Installation

Unreal and Unity Store

OmniStream plugins will soon be available on the engine stores, but while the pluign in in beta it is only available to ZeroLight partners. To become one, get in touch here.

Managed Package Delivery

While the pluigns are in beta it is available through ZLManager. ZLManager is used to manage and download tools and examples that help with OmniStream development.

  1. Get a License Key from your account manager
  2. Download and install ZLManager (download link can be found with license key)
  3. Go to http://localhost/zlm/compositions?view=basic
  4. Enter the license key in ZLManager Enter Key
  5. Open the file location once downloaded Open Files
  6. Plugins can be found in the plugins folder, ready to add to your poject
  7. The test page and example web pages can be found in the web folder

Plugin Updates

If you recieve any plugin updates from ZeroLight, shut down your Editor, copy the new plugin version over the top of the exisitng one in your project and restart the editor.