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Meta Quest (2/3/Pro)


The app is currently only available to ZeroLight partners. To become one, get in touch here.

  1. Send your account manager the email address used on your Meta headset
  2. Your account manager will then add you to the app stream
  3. You will receive an email Meta Email
  4. Click on link in email
  5. Sign into your Oculus/Meta account
  6. This will add you to the deployment channel for the app
  7. Sign into your headset with the same account
  8. In the App library you will see the OmnistreamXR app Meta App
  9. Click to install then run


Meta Quest App

  1. Using the test page select Connect to XR
  2. Enter your customer and render service details
  3. Then press Connect to start the CloudXR connection.

Meta Quest App

App Features

The top bar highlights the app version, connection speeds and battery life.

Meta Quest App

Pressing the joystick in on the right controller will display the debug admin panel.

Meta Quest App Debug

Connect to your custom page

To connect to a custom page change the URL in the start address, this will be remembered as the default page for the next time the app is launched.

Meta Quest App Debug