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Frequently Asked Questions

Keyboard input works when I run standalone/in the editor but not when I connect through OmniStream?

For security reasons keys must be added to the allowed keys list.

Unreal Instructions

Unity Instructions

Mouse input doesn't work when testing locally

In Unity if you are using the Legacy Input System then mouse input won't work correctly due to the way the legacy system captures input. To test mouse input effectively you'll have to upload your built project and test on an OmniStream service.

The composition fails to run when I click start on ZLManager when testing locally

There is a Windows 11 bug which prevents ZLManager from running it's processes at lower privileges. To work around this set "Run With Lower Privileges" to "Off" in the "Features" section of the ZLManager Settings.

Local debugging fails to connect

Most errors can be fixed by stopping and re-running the composition in ZLManager and then the same for your application (or from the Editor). In Unreal, we recommend running in Standalone Game mode rather than through the Editor.

Audio is not working

In Unity projects, Audio must be enabled for OmniStream in each of the scenes in your project, you can find instructions here: Unity Audio.

Due to browser restrictions, streams start muted, and a user action is required to unmute. There are different ways to do this depending on how you're accessing the stream. The OmniStream Test Page has a button under the "features menu" to toggle audio. The OmniStream Embedded can display controls to umnute/mute the audio, as well as an option to automatically unmute the audio the first time hte stream window is clicked. If a native integration is being used then it's up to the integrating page to implement.

iframe will got go into fullscreen

By default iframe elements that are from a separate domain to the host page, are not allowed to enter fullscreen. To allow the OmniStream Embedded app to go fullscreen when in an iframe element, make sure the iframe element has the allow="fullscreen" attribute set.

When I connect my app is still in the same state as the last person who was connected

If you're using the Unity or Unreal plugin then by default OmniStream is configured to deliver faster connection times by not restarting the app between users. Instead Connect and Disconnect events are provided which you can hook into to start your experience when someone connects and reset it when they disconnect, ready for the next user. There is also an option in the plugin settings to to restart the app completely between users.

Unreal Instructions

Unity Instructions

Unreal is not including the plugins

Theres a bug with Blueprint only projects, they fail to include plugins, adding a dummy c++ script will resolve this